Relationship with PHCN

Power Holding Company of Nigeria is owned, managed and financed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is a Federal Parastatal. Niger Delta Power Holding Company is owned by the three tiers of government which contributed to financing this project and this project is called Independent Power Project (IPP). The two of them have their root originally from the ministry of power unit it became clear for the Niger Delta Power Holding Company, because of its ownership structure, it has to be independent and different. Many of the projects being executed by the Niger Delta Power Holding Company have roots in PHCN. Infact, there were many transmission projects that were transferred from PHCN to NDPHC to be completed.

Similarly, you will find that some power programmes under Niger Delta Power Holding Company are called Phase Two of the same power projects in PHCN. Examples are Geregu, first phase of Geregu was built by PHCN, using Federal Government facility. Omotosho phase One was built by PHCN, using Federal Government Investment. Phase Two of these projects are currently being built by Niger Delta Power Holding Company because Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) is one of the successor companies of PHCN.

TCN is handling the grid system and we cannot evacuate our power without refrence to that network grid system. In fact, some of our development projects are to make TCN current infrastructure more robust and capable of taking the additional power, we are expecting to push into the system. So we have that relationship. And because TCN still belongs to the Ministry of Power, the relationship continues.

There is no way you can have anything to do with power without that relationship which is very strategic for economic reasons.

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