Company overview

NDPHC is incorporated under the Companies and Allied matters Act as a private limited Liability company fully subscribed to by Federal, state and local governments with a mandate to manage the power projects tagged, National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP), an emergency intervention scheme to tackle the power problem in the country.

In all, ten new power stations are being constructed in different parts of the country including, Alaoji (1,074MW) in Abia state, Ihovbor(451MW) in Edo state, Calabar (563MW) in Cross River state, Egbema ( 338 MW) in Imo state, Olorunsogo in Ogun state, Gbarain (225 MW) in Bayelsa state, Omotosho(451 MW) in Ondo state,  Geregu(434 MW) in Kogi state and Omoku( 225MW) in Rivers state. In all, NDPHC has over 110 transmission in 27 bundles or lots comprising5, 590 MVA of 330/132Kv transformer capacity, 3,313 MVA of 132/33Kv transformer capacity, 2,194 km of 330Kv lines, 809 km of 132Kv lines, 10 new 330Kv S/S, 7 new 132kv S/S, Expansion of 36 existing 330kv and 132kv S/S and closing the eastern flank of the national grid loop. About 250 distribution projects in 43 lots including 295 low loss High Voltage Distribution System projects comprising 3,540 MVA injection substation capacity, 2,600km of 11kv lines  and 1,700km of 33kv lines  across all the 36 states of the Federation including Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory and four (4) gas projects. The NIPP power stations will add about 4,774MW of electricity to the national grid network. Many of the value chain projects are being delivered since January 2011 with a major harvest subject to availability of gas in 2012 and full delivery of balance of about 20 per cent of the project by late 2013.

The NIPP power stations will add about 4,774MW of electricity to the national grid network.

Our Projects

Our projects include;

  • 10 Power Plants across Nigeria
  • Over 180 Transmission Projects across Nigeria
  • Over 296 Distribution projects across Nigeria
  • Network of Gas infrastructure

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Power Generation Projects

View details of the 10 Power Plants built across Nigeria

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