A total of about 408 No. distribution projects grouped into Lots spread throughout the country were awarded. Each of these projects included injection substations of varying capacities ranging from 2.5 MVA through 7.5 MVA to 15 MVA, with associated 33 kV and 11kV distribution lines complete with CSP transformers to serve numerous customers across the country. Apart from the original scope, there have been a good number of distribution intervention projects across the country. to meet peculiar needs. Below is an overview of our Distribution Projects;

  • About 408 Distribution projects.
  • 337 of 33/11 kV substations with a transformer capacity of 4,195 MVA
  • 199 Distribution Transformers (100kVA 200kVA ,300kVA, 500kVA)
  • 2,256 km of 33kV lines
  • 4,670 km of 11kV lines.
  • Projects transferred to respective DISCOs on completion
  • Legal Asset transfer awaiting NERC valuation
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